Serving Banquet Feasts Since 1992

Charlotte’s Catering features an extensive, delicious catering menu for those in Moose Jaw, Regina and the rest of southern Saskatchewan. Our banquet feasts are second to none when it comes to variety and tastes. Read through the menu below, and be sure to contact us for your next event.

Charlottes Catering
Hot Food

Roast Beef *GF     

Beef Gravy

Real Mashed Potatoes *GF

Hot Vegetable *GF

Dinner Buns and Becel

Horseradish *GF

Turkey *GF

Turkey Gravy


Real Mashed Potatoes *GF

Hot Vegetable *GF

Dinner Buns and Becel

Cranberries *GF

Prices Per Plate

We use 10 ¼ Glass Plates and Silverware

25-49 with 5 Salads                     17.95          18.95


50-74 with 6 Salads                     17.75          18.75


75-99 with 7  Salads                    17.50          18.50


100-149 with 7 Salads                 17.25          18.25


150-199 with 7 Salads                 16.95          17.95


200-249 with 7 Salads                 16.75          17.75


Over 250 with 7 Salads               16.50          17.50


Children Ages (7-12)                    1/2 Price 


Children 6 and under                  Free



   Salad                              Beef      Turkey


Garden Salad *GF

(Plus Salad Dressings)

Marinated Veggies *GF

Creamy Coleslaw *GF

Pasta Primavera

Chow Mein Salad

Texas Mix *GF

Sask Wheat Salad


Variety of Cheesecakes

gallery/menu-salads (1)

Cabbage Rolls            2.00

Perogies                      1.50

Iced Tea                         .50

Punch                             .75

Coffee and Tea            .75

Food                      Price

Plus 5% GST, 6% PST

5% Gratuity

*Beverages not included.

*GF - Gluten Friendly, made without Gluten

Set up Requirements

16 foot table, access to electricity and 16 foot table for desserts

Light Meal Options
Prices Per Plate

Garden Salad *GF

Marinated Veggie Salad *GF

Pasta Primavera

Texas Mix *GF

Sask Wheat Salad

Creamy Coleslaw *GF

Cheese Slices


A Variety of Cheesecakes included.

25-49 People                      13.95

50-99 People                      13.50

100-149 People                  12.95

150-199 People                  12.50

Over 200 People                12.25

Contact Info

BBQ Beef on a Bun (Served Hot)
Beef is *GF

Prefer to communicate in person so please call


Bernie and Charlotte Dombowsky

378 Home St. West
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan S6H 4X6